by iron

Zoom inZoom inThe art for play redemptory role for me because when I begin to create is as if molds something from myself, as if comes out a piece from my soul and becomes object, certain times what comes out and becomes object I like, but some other time no and this because in my heart prevailed unrest and intensity, this is invisible in my work. I consider that the objects that I manufacture are  elements and pieces of myself,if some moment I leave from this world as existence some elements will remind that I also passed from this world. Thus I want to fantasize each of work I manufacture.I want to manufacture statues by iron, figures that will have say something in the one that face my work a complaint, a hot look, a grimace, a sign a gesture. Stressed that he has something alive inside him.Zoom inZoom in In the beginning of my work I want to show my creations in all the world, in order to hear impressions and opinions for this work but also in order to come in communication with different spirits of people that will give me inspiration for a new creation.Closing this short letter that I send in all you that you visited site, I would want all visitors they see this page if they can send to me e-mail with their impressions from my work.Good cunducted tour.

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Thodoris Tsedoglou
Τel. 24620 84941
mobile: 6936960766
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