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    • A Helpful Guide to the Language of Composers
    • JIJI M. JOHN - Jiji's homepage containing his original MIDIs
    • MIDIWORLD - MIDI files of classical, jazz and original music.
    • Sleeping Dog!- Original Music Compositions for Piano. MIDI and WMA.
    • Jeroen-jc- Jeroen's Creations Exploring Musical Moods.
    • Sandra Bradley - All original songs written by Sandra Bradley. Free downloads, except for commercial use. Many styles and genres. Some lyrics pages, too.
    • Sandy Gaither - Many styles of original music and lyrics are free to 

    • download, including our kids pages, members music, and MidiSandy's songs.
    • Andrew Trudgian's St Paul's and MusicMIDI - A large section of my website is devoted to my love of composing and my various compositions. These are divided into the two years i have been composing. 
    • I Write The Music/MIDI - A music resource site for composers. Huge MIDI section
    • JMC's midi site - Original midi compositions for personal use.
    • irene friend - Top selection of Italian Midis on the net, over 1000 to chose from, a fun site
    • fx10243 - electronic experimental music play on 'anvil studio' for best results
    • Gleam Electronic Artse - Gleam EA is recruiting staff! We are especially in need of good midi composers who can make music for our games. (Of course, we make PC games available for download.) Feel free to apply now!(You will most likely get the spot because we are in need of new staff) If you decide to apply, read the policy first! Hope to see you in our staff soon!
    • Peter Ayscough's MIDI Site - My music is varied, but nevers strays too far from the basic pop format.
    • Midi Page Portugal - Traditional Portuguese Midi Files
    • Ti Kai Moy - original   pop and alternative MIDI  sequences, 

    • music with Eastern influence,  songs and lyrics
      about love,  the struggles  and pains in life, 
      social and political issues
    • Makis Koutsonikos - Original composition/songs with bouzouki by Makis Koutsonikos. MIDI, lyrics, parts and music diary.
    • Gary's Lighthouse MIDI - My home page that features my original MIDI compositions along with a page devoted to MIDI collaborations that I have done with a few MIDI friends.
    • TOP 9 - The 9 Most Traffic Sites
    • Rotation Sites Banner - Please have a look to the best banners of the WEB and discover now, how to promote your site. Impressions/Click-Through. Free Submission.
    • Super MIDI Choices - The best rock, pop, jazz and classic midi choices. Special choices of greek midi, jam midi and midi of independent artists. Talent show, usefully and friendly links, midi software and much-much more.
    • Stergios Kottas - Free Concerts, Lessons and MIDI Diary. Real Time Compositions, music-poetic works and much more.
    • 1 mini MIDI Jam a Day - It's a Daily Free MIDI Concert. It's a Daily Free MIDI Lesson. It's a Music Diary.

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