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Piano technician's work:
  • Pitch raising
  • Regulation & Voicing 
  • Repair & restoration 
  • Humidity control
  • Evaluation 

  • Basic rules of piano care
    Piano Tuning

    Tuning is the most common service that pianos receive. It is a procedure of changing the tension of the piano strings so that they are in pitch to a given reference frequency to 440 Hz and adjusting the remaining notes on the piano. 

    Your piano should be tuned at least 3 times during the first year after purchase. Some tuning instability should be anticipated during the first year because of the elasticity of the piano wire, combined with the pianos normal adjustment to the humidity changes in your home. 

    Tuning your piano twice a year is ideal. A regular tuning schedule will help the technician keep the piano sounding (see voicing) and playing (see regulation) in peak condition. Without regular tuning, pianos drop in pitch and require greater effort to keep them on pitch. A piano that is below concert pitch, may be tuned to itself, but tends to sound lifeless with dull tone color and lack of ambiance. 

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