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  • Angel Software, Inc.
    Their software allows you to play one or more MIDI keyboards through your Windows PC, and split the keyboard to play different voices. For playing, not recording.. 
    AudioWorks Limited
    Makers of Sound2MIDI, which intercepts audio signals received from a microphone and sends each note as MIDI data to your sequencer, and WAV2MIDI, which converts audio files.

    Makers of Performer, "a new approach to a MIDI file player" that creates a light show to accompany the music. Oh, man, the colors are far out!

    Cakewalk Music Software
    They make various flavors of Cakewalk, the most popular sequencer, as well as notation programs and others.

    Coda Music Technology
    Makers of Finale notation program and SmartMusic (formerly Vivace) tutorial/automatic accompanist programs.

    Dimension Arc Software
    Makers of Revolve 100m, a pattern-based step sequencer with the vintage control of a modular analog system. Somewhat like Rebirth, but with MIDI sounds for rave/dance music.

    They make the Logic and Logic Audio sequencers, for both PC and Macintosh.

    Full Tilt Design
    Makers of Net Sessions, which allows musicians to connect over the Internet and collaborate on the fly.

    Hotz Interactive
    Makers of Hotz Tracks, a program that lets you select a MIDI backing track and then jam along on your computer keyboard. Fun for kids and adults.

    Howling Dog Systems
    These creative people are the makers of Power Chords Pro which uses a representation of a guitar fretboard for entering MIDI notes. They also make Mr. Drumsticks and other unique products.

    Hruska Audio Productions
    Makers of Sonic Implants and Piano Implants SoundFonts for Creative Labs SoundBlaster, EMU APS, and Seer Systems sound cards (more are coming soon). These samples completely change the sound of your card. They offer SoundFonts for gamers, musicians, and enthusiasts.

    Justonic Tuning
    The Justonic software makes tuning adjustments to the pitch tables of your microtunable synthesizer. In addition to allowing pure harmonic tuning, the Justonic system allows musicians to experiment with international and historic scales, Indian raga scales, Arabic scales with quarter-tone thirds, harmonic blues scales, and other choices.

    Free software for jamming live over the Net. Still in early development, but looks exciting!

    Magix Entertainment
    Products include music studio and music studio deluxe, which combine MIDI with digital audio recording.

    Mark of the Unicorn
    This company offers The Performer sequencer, timers, interfaces and various utilities for PCs and Macs.

    Accompanies the keyboard player in real-time by playing bass and drum notes that match the chords you play to the song style. Designed to be used in the studio as well as in a live performance.

    Studio is another popular sequencer and is especially good for beginners.

    Makers of Musicator Win and Musicator Audio sequencing programs for the PC. Their page also contains some useful utilities and information.

    This link takes you to their Midiscan information page. Midiscan converts written music, via a scanner, to MIDI.

    Makers of Nightingale notation software for the Macintosh, Piano educational system for Windows, and many others.

    NoteWorthy ArtWare, Inc.
    They offer the shareware NoteWorthy Composer, a notation-based sequencer. Also available is their free NoteWorthy Player for playing MIDI and Composer files.

    Tracker-style music editor which was published originally for the Amiga platform, now available for Windows.

    They make the Studio Vision sequencer and other advanced audio products for the Macintosh.

    Passport Designs (G-VOX
    G-VOX, best known for their MIDI guitar products, took over Passport Designs when it went out of business. Software products include the MusicTime and Encore notation programs and the Master Tracks Pro sequencer.

    Patchman Music
    They offer over 316 soundbanks supporting Akai, Alesis, Casio, Ensoniq, Korg, Kurzweil, Oberheim, Roland, Studio Electronics, and Yamaha synthesizers and samplers.

    QuickScore Elite
    Integrated software for music composition, incorporating notation, arranging, MIDI sequencing and recording.

    Res Rocket
    Makers of the free DRGN software for live jamming over the Net. This is a must-see.

    Shareware Music Machine - Search
    Looking for MIDI players or utilities to convert from one file type to another? All this and more can be found in this great collection of free and low-cost programs available for download. 

    Sibelius Software
    Notation software designed to be fast and easy to use. The "Save as Web Page" feature automatically creates an HTML file of your score that can be viewed, played and transposed through a free browser plug-in.

    Sion Software
    Their main product is QuickScore Elite, integrated software for music composition incorporating notation, arranging, MIDI sequencing and recording. 

    They make The Jammer and Jammer Pro (like Band-in-a-Box, but more sophisticated).

    Sseyo Koan Products
    Makers of the Koan family of authoring tools and web browser plug-ins for generative (randomly-produced) MIDI music.

    Steinberg (North America site)
    These are the makers of the Macintosh and Windows-based sequencer Cubase and other programs favored by professionals.

    TablEdit Tablature Editor
    A program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments. Imports from and exports to MIDI and other formats.

    vanBasco Software
    Makers of vanBasco's midi player which plays both MIDI and karaoke files through your browser.

    VMB Enterprises
    Makers of The Sequence Manager which locates and catalogues music files on your hard drive.

    Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.
    They make the sequencers Digital Orchestrator Plus and Pro, notation software Music Write, and various educational titles and utilities. The software company Voyetra merged with hardware maker Turtle Beach Systems.

    WC Music Research
    This is the software company responsible for the development of DNA Groove Templates, which can be used with Cakewalk, Cubase, Logic, Performer, and Vision sequencers.

    Zel: The MIDI Language
    Zel is a computer language for creating MIDI music. It works in conjunction with your MIDI sequencer and synthesizer so you can listen to your code as you write it.  Both free and "Pro" versions are available.

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