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    • AWE 32 MIDI Player -  Sound Font / MIDI File Player - If you use custom Sound Fonts when creating or playing MIDI files with your Sound Blaster AWE 32/64, PCI 64/128 or "Sound Blaster Live!" Then this player is essential. It automatically loads the associated Sound Font bank into your Sound Blaster and plays the MIDI file. No more hassling with Creative's control panel to load up the right font every time you play the song! It also has a handy memory guage to show how much of your sound card's RAM is being used. There are plenty of MIDI files written especialy for the AWE soundcards and if you've never heard a custom Sound Font/MIDI file on your Sound Blaster you are really missing out. If you don't have one of the Sound Blasters listed above or a sound card that doesn't support sound fonts, then this player acts like a common midi player. Freeware
    • Crescendo - Midi/MP3 browser Plug-In - The free Crescendo player can be used to play any Standard MIDI and MP3 files over the Internet. It has many features such as volume control, easily save MIDI files while they're playing, supports streaming midi it also allows you to select your MIDI playback device without opening your multimedia control panel it has JavaScript Support and many other features. Works with Netscape and Internet Explorer
    • VanBasco's Midi/Karaoke Player - VanBasco's  MIDI and Karaoke file Player is a well thought out player that also supports text playback on midi files with this information. You can easily create playlists and it has many unique features such as the ability to mute individual tracks and an amusing piano keyboard that shows the notes being played. Not just a remote control for the Windows Media Player, like some other players. This one appears to be built from the ground up which probably accounts for the unique functionality and features here. Shareware
    • MidiPlus -  midi/wav/avi player - MidiPlus has a CD-player-like interface, complete with digital timer and various repeat options. In Open mode it works like the Windows Media Player, opening and playing one file at a time. In List mode you put together lists of multiple MIDI files to play back-to-back, creating as many lists as you want.The program can be minimized on the system tray and can be easily made your default MIDI player with "Drag and Drop" playback ease.
    • EmuMid - AWE Midi Player/Control Panel - EmuMid is a SB AWE32 MidiPlayer. Some of it's features include: Midi list playing with automatic and random playing options, volume presets, controllable bass, treble, reverb and chorus for all midi files - presetable. Sound font banks are also preselectable for all midi files. Freeware

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