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    • Hubi's Loop Back Device - Virtual MIDI Ports - Ever get tired of that, "The MIDI device is already in use" message? This is one solution. "Hubi's LoopBack Device", offers virtual MIDI Ports (up to 4), which act as both an Input and Output MIDI device. All MIDI data sent to the output (a typical sequencer program) is sent to all programs at the input side (eg. a MIDI monitor program). "Hubi's MIDI Cable", which connects Midi-Inputs with Midi Outputs, is useful for quick connections between LoopBack- Ports and Hardware Ports, or to play your Soundcard Synth from an external MIDI keyboard. Essential if you want to run multiple synchronized MIDI applications on the same computer. A GREAT FREEWARE APPLICATION.
    • NTONYX Style Enhancement - Midi Plug-Ins - NTONYX has created a large number of Style enhancement utilities which perform such things as analying MIDI-sequences, inserting into them changes in controller commands such as Velocity, Volume, Pitch Wheel, Expression and others. The result of the transformation is either simulation of a live musician playing a real instrument, or attaining a new unreal, but very interesting (from a musical point of view), character to the performance. If you create your own midi sequences these tools can add that "human" touch of expression and nuance sometimes lost with quantization.
    • TSM - The Sequence Manager - File Managment Tool - Scan one directory, or an entire hard drive for music files. Records can be automatically updated, and new ones added. Although TSM was designed to READ specific data from standard midi files, it's also EASY TO USE for managing ANY type of music file; MOD, MP3, KAR, SNG, SEQ, WRK, WAV, etc. In fact, it doesn't matter where your music files are on your system, even if they are scattered all over the place, TSM will keep track of them 4U! Shareware with Free Demo
    • Midilang 1.7 - MIDI effects generator - A shareware MIDI effects program that adds live effects on any midi keyboard linked to a PC. Features effects such as echo, delay, loop in live (i.e. during your play) or as a post-processor on any Standard MIDI (.mid) file. Also allows you to transform any midi file to a totaly new one with deharmonizer and reharmonizer effects and add auto-bass in realtime. Many other features.
    • MusiNum - algorithmic composer - MusiNum is a free sonification program which turns numbers into generative fractal music. Everybody can create unique royalty free music for his homepage within a few minutes. Interesting for musicians, mathematicans and other people who like to create and play. Very Unique and easy to use.

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